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Vehicle Legends, or VLegends, as seen on the images which may be outdated later is a game created by a group called Quadra Tech, a game development studio founded by Phoninian. The game was made on January the 2nd, 2020. Inside Vehicle Legends, you can find a selection of cars to purchase and drive around the tropical map. There are discovery zones that give you a specific amount of cash for visiting it. Travel around the map to find the discovery zones. You start off with 37,000, which you can use to buy any car that costs 37,000 or lower. The point of the game is to drive to earn money, a similar way to Vehicle Simulator and Driving Empire. You can join in races with your friends and the entire server, there is a range of races. From drag races to circuit races and more, you will find amazing races to take part in that makes your car interesting and fun to use. You can even test drive a car once to find out which one suits you best. You can also listen to the lovely sounds of Engines and Revbangs! If you don't fancy racing, and fancy making your car look amazing, you can customize your car to however you please in the customization area, or for robux, the Portable Garage. In there, a range of things from custom wraps and underglows to engine stages and turbo swaps! Now join the game, hop on your car, and pedal to the medal!



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